AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Grocery List


When doing the 24 Day Challenge it can be tough trying to figure out what to buy when you go grocery shopping.  Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a 24 Day Challenge grocery list?  Well, now you do!

Below you will find a handy little shopping list to use when you go to the grocery store to get food for your AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.

This pdf guide gives you suggestions for proteins, veggies, fruits and oils and sauces.  Possibly even more helpful is that it also includes a list of food NOT TO HAVE in your home when doing the challenge!  Get out your garbage bag and get RID OF THEM!

You will also find portion size recommendations to make sure to buy enough and also to make sure you don’t buy too much.  Portion size can be just as important as eating the right foods to make sure you do not over indulge.

Right click and choose “save as”:

24 Day Challenge Grocery List


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